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The Runway Authority – Runway Photographers

The next best thing to being there…
The Fashion experience that puts you on the front row of every runway show and showcases the latest and hottest trends | NY • LA • MIA • VA • DC and beyond.
Website: http://www.therunwayauthority.com/



Juan Carlos Guevara – Videographer & Photographer

Founder of PEEKAPOSE, is a native of the Bronx, New York. He cultivated his knack for converting color and contrast into artful compositions, through the medium of photography. With an interest in cultures and scenes, Juan Carlos’ explorations have fueled his passion for Event Photography.
Specializing in fashion and editorial photography, portraiture, and weddings, Juan Carlos’ work is marked by its clarity and vibrancy.
The secret is in the preparation: Technical color balancing is performed on-site for accurate calibration, which ensures the colors are true-to-life. This minimizes post-editing time, and as a result, your photos are delivered at “light speed!”
Beginning with an attentive consultation, Juan Carlos captures the vision of each client into a lasting memory.
Website: http://www.peekapose.com

Katya Melvin – Editorial Commercial Photographer 

Website: www.katyamelvinphotography.com





image1Dieusita Jean – Fashion Correspondent 

Website: https://www.sitaworld.tv/spot-light-with-sita







Wesley R. Oliantus – Runway Photographer

Website: http://www.wesphotography2k15.com/