ACID NYC | Dynamic Duo Returns to NOLCHA Shows for NYFW!

Watch my exclusive one on one interview with designers Evelyn Luna and Scott Chester of ACID NYC. I had to the chance to ask very personal questions in regards to what drives their love for the uniquely designed fashion trends they create together! 

Video and Photo Credits: Juan Carlos Guevara of Peekapose Productions

I had the pleasure of being invited by NOLCHA to see ACID NYC on the runway for several seasons throughout my fashion career. This was my first opportunity to interview them one on one and boy was I excited. I started getting ahead of myself during the video interview because of my excitement I’m sure you can see I was extremely eager and grateful.

During this interview, I learned a lot about the couple like how they fuse their looks together to create harmonious fashion year after year during NYFW.  All of their designs are original including every print and pattern sold on their website.  


Domea Gisel (left) Scott Chester (center) Evelyn Luna (right) ACID NYC designers are wearing their own custom designs in the photo above. 

Scott and Evelyn’s inspiration for this season’s collection, “Architectura,” derived from the beauty and structure of urban architecture, with prints and fabric choices that are a nod to modern metal, glass facades, and neoclassical buildings.

ACID NYC is designed and made in New York, however, the couple does spend time in Miami. 

ACID NYC offers 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER and their clothing line is extremely affordable to the everyday person. Shop on their website TODAY, if you want one of a kind threads to amp up your current wardrobe.  


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