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Greetings Dolls! I want to thank Katie Young for allowing me to share this super cool Hot to Adopt fashion event with our F|R|S Fashion.Runway.Style subscribers. 
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As you know, there is nothing “crazy” about today’s cat lady. Katie Cassidy helped make it #hot2adopt during Fashion Week this fall in New York. For a behind the scenes look this video shares how she is helping Fresh Step on its mission to eliminate barriers to cat adoption, celebrate our love of cats, and ultimately help every shelter cat find a forever home.


Read the Press Release for more insight on the fabulous #hot2adopt NYFW event

Feline-Inspired Fashion Show Dispels Dated “Cat Lady” Stigma And Showcases That Adopting A Cat Is Always On Trend
Katie Cassidy and Fresh Step® Litter Show It’s Hot to Adopt™ at Fashion Week

NEW YORK — Fresh Step Litter debuted its Hot to Adopt™ campaign during Fashion Week in New York, which is aimed at eliminating barriers to cat adoption, celebrating our love of cats, and ultimately helping every shelter cat find a forever home. Fashion icon, actress and cat lover, Katie Cassidy, partnered with Fresh Step to bring felines and fashion together on the catwalk to turn the cat lady stigma upside down at the Fresh Step Feline Fashion Lounge and Adoption Event. The runway show held Saturday, Sept. 10 featured the latest feline-inspired fashion and the trend that never goes out of style – adoptable cats! In addition, a limited edition #hot2adopt T-shirt was unveiled at the fashion show, with proceeds benefiting partner shelters and rescues across the country. 

Fresh Step Feline Fashion Lounge and Adoption Event
Fresh Step Hot to Adopt Feline Fashion Lounge and Adoption Event to eliminate cat bias and help every shelter cat find a forever home on Saturday, September 10, 2016 in New York. (Amy Sussman/AP Images for Fresh Step)

“From cat eye glasses and leopard prints to kitten heels and cat-faced flats, feline-inspired fashions have infiltrated runways for many years,” said Cassidy. “Typically, cat owners aren’t described by their style, but that’s about to change with the launch of the Hot to Adopt campaign where felines and fashion are coming together to support cat adoption.” 

While cats have always been highly regarded in the fashion world, their owners don’t always get the same respect. According to a recent survey* asking people to describe cat owners, nearly half (43 percent) replied “weird or quirky”. The study also confirmed the most common phrase associated with “cat lady” is “crazy.” More than a third of respondents say that litter box odor (39 percent) is the worst thing about owning a cat. Whether it’s the unfair bias toward cat owners and the cat lady stigma or fear of a stinky cat litter box, Fresh Step is committed to eliminating all barriers to cat adoption and celebrating cat ownership.

“Cat owners can get a bad rap and are tired of the negative stereotypes like the ‘crazy cat lady’,” explains Nick Meyer, Director of Marketing, Clorox Pet Products. “Fresh Step is out to change that. Our Hot to Adopt program aims to embrace and celebrate cats and cat people — loud and proud — so we can encourage more adoptions.”

“Cat bias is a real issue. Sadly, three out of four shelters pets are cats and they are adopted at lower rates than other companion animals,” said Stephanie Mattera, the Spokesperson for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. “That’s why Fresh Step’s Hot to Adopt campaign is so important! We hope that people will see past the outdated cat lady stigma and open their hearts and homes to cats.” 

Fresh Step wants people to step out and wear their love of cats by celebrating modern cat ladies (and gents), by declaring “Feline Fashion Fridays” through the month of October to showcase unique feline-inspired looks. Cat owners can show their love of cats by posting a picture of themselves with their cat to Fresh Step’s Instagram using #freshstepcontest each Friday for a chance to win free Fresh Step litter, a $250 VISA Gift Card and the limited edition #hot2adopt T-shirt. 

“With millions of cats entering shelters each year and less than half getting adopted, Fresh Step is on a mission to help every shelter cat find a forever home, because we understand how rewarding it is to have cats in our lives,” said Meyer. “Fresh Step has a long history of celebrating cat ownership through shelter partnerships, but there is more work to be done in order to break down any barriers to adoption, including cat lady stigmas, and increase adoptions nationwide.”

Share your love of cats and join Fresh Step’s mission to help every shelter cat find a forever home. Make it #hot2adopt by wearing your cat pride. A portion ($7.50) of the purchase price of Fresh Step’s specially designed T-shirt will benefit shelter cats across the country. Model your support that it’s #hot2adopt. Available for $20.00 at freshstep.com

The Fresh Step Hot to Adopt Feline Fashion Lounge and Adoption Event took place on Saturday, Sept. 10, at the Lori Bookstein Fine Art Gallery on 138 10th Avenue, New York, New York, 10011.  Zani’s Furry Friends, Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center, and The Humane Society of New York, participating organizations with The Mayor’s Alliance of NYC’s Cats were on-site with adoptable cats. To learn more and help make it #hot2adopt, visit freshstep.com

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