[NYFW] Elevation and Celebration of the Feminine with Francesca Libertore

Elevation and Celebration of the Feminine

F|R|S Editor, Domea Gisel distinguishes Francesca Liberatore’s  Collection as The memorable, YET expect the unexpected unique collection of New York Fashion Week“. Who would ever think to mix and match high end couture fabrics with  jersey t-shirt fabric and Swarovski crystals?!?!  Francesca did, and she did it WELL!  Her fresh take with this Spring collection is definitely a TRENDSETTER and not a follower! My three words to describe the Libertore Woman: FABULOUS, CONFIDENT,  and UNIQUELY STYLED. I absolutely adored the hand drawn detail designs on several of the garments Francesca created. The anticipation of viewing this collection had everyone during NYFW waiting on the edge of their seats to see what was next.

Francesca quotes her inspiration for the Spring & Summer 2017 Collection:

“I believe in Love and True Freedom – the freedom to change. As a woman and human being I choose to celebrate these things in these times and I hope you will join me. My name is Liberatore and I believe in Freedom. I was inspired by balloons flying freely in the sky and angels carrying women up higher and higher.”

Ether and Air present in the form of Angels and Balloons dancing across a sky of vivid color palette supported by the strength of black and white. Powerful fuchsias, vibrant mandarin, turquoise and violet dance and intertwine forming color explosions and experimental checks. Balloon Shapes represent the messenger of the sky as well as lend a nod to the iconic silhouette of the 1950s. Swarovski crystals light up the story in the most delightful way.

Francesca teamed up with Marist College this year during NYFW, so her collection was shown at two different times to a whole new audience both times. The students of Marist College actually took over the backstage coordination and production for the second show. Being able to be backstage to see the preparation as well as sit on the front row and watch the collection down the runway, it was absolutely FLAWLESS! Such an opportunity for college students to be in the live action of NYFW. To all of you future fashion designers out there, please look into attending Marist College for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design. Students are guaranteed real world experience.

View the full Spring/Summer 2017 Collection below

Photos by Juan Carlos Guevara of PeekaPose.com

Stay tuned for my One-on-One LIVE video interview with International Designer, Francesca Libertore!

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