[Milan Fashion Week] Acephala “Femme Maison”

The collection was released in the showroom AVANT-PREMIERE during the Milan Fashion Week.

Autumn / Winter Collection 2016 – 2017 
“Femme Maison”

The latest collection brand Acephala “Femme Maison” refers to the cycle of paintings and sculptures by Louise Bourgeois. The collection is a game with the stereotypical image of “home women”, which literally means the title of the collection.

The design of clothing is based on the form of various types of aprons and bathrobes – clothing classically assigned to the home. Acephala – adapting these everyday items of clothing, manipulating the proportions, finish and methods of use and doing them with luxurious fabrics – again blurs the line between what is private and public.

The main decorative motif that appears in the collection is valance, adorning dresses aside or suspended garters below the lower edge of the dresses and coats; made from fabric or contrasting fundamental to it – as an independent entity.

Iconography collection build representations of household appliances (such as washing machine, dryer or vacuum cleaner) deposited on the clothes in the form of application and convex embroidery.These motifs also appear on a special project created by socks. They will also be reproduced as prints on t-shirts and T-shirts.

The collection is dominated by Japanese and Italian virgin wool of various weaves: corduroy, jute, and other fabrics used are noble viscose and silk. Colors are limited to honey yellow, marsala (wine or burgundy) and black.



Acephala is a fashion label fusing conceptual thinking on garment with high-end craft. It’s enigmatic name stems from the Acéphale (akephalos meaning “headless”) – surrealists’ most favored figure of freedom. Acephala is literally a headless woman, metaphorically a mad, lunatic, female rebel overruling strict ways of reasoning. Identity and its relation to dressing up one’s neurosis are the crux of our brand.

The collection is always a story where shapes and fabrics work as narrative tools. Clothes by Acephala are perfectly cut, reveal attention to detail and are formed of printed fabrics and high-quality textiles from innovative weaving houses based in Italy, France and Japan.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AcephalaCS/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acephalafashion/

Thanks Acephale for allowing us the opportunity to share this information about your brand with our F | R | S LIVE  Subscribers!

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