NAMILIA S/S17 Manifesto:

1. Visualization of the extreme power and madness of teenage fandom and turning

boys into sexual playthings.

2. Reversing patriarchal society’s concept of female sexualisation and objectification.

3. A mash up of hardcore fetishwear, provocative slogans and nsfw visuals to create

the true fashion activist

4. A Celebration of the deviant and the freakish; reinterpreting the rebellious and sexual

codes of punks and goths

5. Freeing yourself from the common rules of decency and letting your most inner

fantasies run free.

6. Take down Trump.

7. This is the invincible all-girl NAMILIA cult.


NAMILIA was founded in 2015 by Berlin based designers Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl. The

duo met while attending University of the Arts Berlin. Li went on to earn a Masters

degree from the prestigious Royal College of Art London and quickly returned to Berlin

to launch NAMILIA with Pfohl.

The duo’s first collection, “My Pussy, My Choice” was selected for VFiles Runway ­

October 2015. New York and the fashion world responded with a resounding YES! and

they soon graced the pages of celebrated fashion magazines and blogs including:

VFiles, Vogue Italy, LOVE Magazine, Dazed & Confused, i­D and many more. The

collection has been shot by David LaChapelle, Steven Klein and Willy Vanderperre and


Saturday, September 10, 2016


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